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They Carry Death
Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado

June 11, 21:30

Official Competition

international title

They Carry Death

original title

Eles Transportan a Morte





film run



Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado


José Ángel Alayón


Galego, Espanhol


Português e Inglês


1492. Travelling among the crew captained by Christopher Columbus are two men who should have been dead by now. They have managed to avoid their sad fate by signing up for the uncertain voyage. But on reaching the Canary Islands the men flee, taking one of the ship’s sails with them. Meanwhile, in the Old World, a woman tries to save her dying sister by taking her to a healer. Both journeys try to outwit death. Both journeys are at the mercy of time and history. This is a film of overwhelming visual poetry. An interesting dialogue between two stories linked and inspired by Silvia Federici’s book, Caliban and the Witch, where racism and patriarchy are described as being inherent to the economic and social system developed from the 15th century onwards, and how these structures of oppression and resistance relate to and influence one another. It is a highly subversive film that calls into question the epic style associated with male-driven stories and the emphasis on tragedy associated with women’s stories.


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